What does CEP provide and how is it different from other couple programs?

CEP bases its sessions on church documents and encyclicals relating to family and marriage, such as Familaris Consortio, Humane Vitae, Redemptor Hominis. It addresses the issues of modern day marriages, like work-life balance, in-laws and bringing up a Christian family.

CEP uses the life skills developed by modern day psychologists and psychiatrists. (Gottman, Glasser and Wallerstein) Couples will be introduced to marriage killers and how to change their behaviour by building a more vibrant and emotionally intelligent marriage.

What is the format of the sessions?

• 1 Week-end Afternoon - Intro session

• 6 Friday evenings

• 1 Week-end (Sat & Sun) session

• Talks and Sharings, followed by couple discussions and small group discussions

• Spiritual talks

• Couple Reconciliation session

• Renewal of vows

• Celebration Mass

• Follow ups

What if I cannot attend some of the sessions?

No problem. Your other half can attend and we will pass the handout to her/him for you.

I have young child/children. Can I being him/her along?

Of course. We have a dedicated team of child minders who can handle kids of all ages.

What if I am late for the sessions?

Your other half can attend first and you can join in later; as they say “Better late than never”.

I am not comfortable in group sharing, must I share?

You need not do so if you are really adverse to group sharing although this is only a very small part of the dynamics/process in CEP. However, do note that the groups are very small and couples generally benefit from the others’ points/sharing. Share only what you are comfortable with.

Can I nurse my baby during the sessions?

Yes! There will also be a baby’s room for couples with babies.

What time will each session end?

Sessions usually end around 10.30 pm.

Can my helper / parents / in-law come for the session to help with the kids?

Yes. They can come along. But we strongly recommend that they stay with the child minding couples to better allow you and spouse to benefit most from the sessions.

Will dinner be provided? What type of food will be provided? Non-spicy? Non-pork? Non-meat on Friday?

Yes, packet dinners will be provided, usually rice with dishes. However, do inform us if you have any food preference or allergies and we will try to provide accordingly.

Will drinks be provided during the sessions?

Yes. Coffee and tea as well as packet drinks/water will be provided throughout the evening.

Can my child sit with me during the sessions?

Not encouraged at all. Rest assured that your children will be ably cared for by the child minding couples in the baby room & children’s room. There will be lots of activities to occupy them. We encourage couples to try and leave the children with the child minders as much as possible. Remember that the program is meant for you and your spouse to spend quality time together. Ideally, we should try not to distract the other couples.

Can I check on my child in-between the sessions?

Only if necessary. See above.

I have attended Marriage Encounter (ME), how will this program benefit me?

ME is a stay-in weekend, while CEP is over 8 weeks to help couples practise what they have learnt over the week.

Can we still attend if my spouse is not Catholic?

Of course! As long as they can accept that CEP is Catholic in its orientation and teachings. Non-Catholic couples who have attended the past CEP sessions have found the sessions useful and illuminating.

Will there be discussions/sharings during the sessions

Notes and written exercises will be handed out for every session. It is part of the programme to have the participants put their thoughts into writing and to have couple discussion time.

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