SESSION 1: The Good Marriage 

Stable Marriage = Happy Family.

Do you know what are the most common marriage killers? Why and how does your family of origin affect your marriage? Do you wish to build an emotionally intelligent marriage? Find out how a stable marriage can contribute towards the nurturing of emotionally balanced kids.

SESSION 2: Marriages are made in Heaven ... but lived on Earth

If ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus’, how on earth are marriages expected to work?!  How and why are men and women different?  How are spouses different in their basic human needs and how do these differences affect their behavior towards each other. The encouraging news is that there can be harmony if spouses choose to see themselves as complementary and learn to harness these differences.  Come and learn about how to appreciate the other and ‘to hold space’ for the other instead of allowing these differences to drive you apart.  

SESSION 3: Building Intimacy 

Does your marriage suffer from a lack of intimacy? Are there issues that you need to address with your spouse but find it too awkward to do so? 

Marriage is known as the Sacrament of Intimate friendship – intimacy is not an option but is the bedrock of every thriving marriage.  It is not about those romantic feelings on the occasional getaways, but when ‘the deep me’ meets ‘the deep you’ in the everyday encounters.  Learn to build marital intimacy by moving from the ‘I’ to the ‘We’ and to make joint couple decisions.  


SESSION 4: Communication & Intimacy

Do you sometimes wish you and your spouse could communicate better? Are there unresolved issues that keep cropping up in all your arguments? Marriages are never free from conflict; some marital problems are solvable whilst others are perpetual even in strong marriages.  The key lies in how you and your spouse deal with conflict and have the strength to forgive.  Learn how to listen to each other effectively, fight more constructively and to create a safe haven for conflicts. 


SESSION 5: In-laws or Outlaws? Building a Network of Love

Monster-in-laws? They can sometimes break our marriage, if we allow them to. Yet, grandparents are ‘guarantors of affection’ and treasures to be uncovered; their involvement in our family life is essential to the holistic upbringing of our children. Learn interesting strategies to separate emotionally from your family of origin as an individual and to rebuild ties with your in-laws as a couple by  building a network of love.

SESSION 6: Sex in His City

Marital sex is sacred and is the most intimate expression of mutual and total self-giving. Learn about how sex and sexuality was intended according to God’s plan in marriage and family and how you and your spouse can celebrate the one flesh unity and the fullness of your sexuality. Protect your marital bed from the evils of pornography and masturbation and avoid pitfalls that can jeopardise your marriage. 


SESSION 7: Marital Spirituality

According to St Paul, there is an order to the husband and wife relationship which calls for mutual subjugation. Is this teaching tenable in our modern world? What does it mean to give yourself mutually to one another? Find out why personal growth and the constant exercise of human freedom are critical to the marital bond?  Learn how the life skill of ‘allowing’ your spouse to influence you’ builds stronger marriages. How does one develop an integrated marital spirituality without being ‘churchy’?  Learn how your marriage sets you and your spouse on the path to perfection and holiness. 

SESSION 8: Covenantal Marriage

‘Why should I stay if I am unhappy?’ Are you experiencing hurts?  Are you reeling from a toxic marriage? Is your marriage plagued by issues such as addiction, pornography, adultery?  Come and hear moving testimonies of how couples encountered Christ in their marriage and how they learned to love with a love that is beyond themselves.  Learn how Divine Love pours graces and healing into human love. 

SESSION 9: Giving Life 

A Christian marital life is a fruitful life. Psalm 127:3 sings, “Children are a gift from God, the fruit of the womb, they are a reward from Him. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children born in one’s youth!” 

Learn about the importance of your roles as Christian parents and how your children can thrive in today’s competitive society.  Understand the secret of unlocking the inherent goodness in your children and equip yourselves to deal with young kids and the issues of their teenage years.



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